Learn how to keep more of what you earn.

As a caregiver of  Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, you’re eligible to participate in the Alternative Compensation Strategy from LifeSolutionz.

Your take home pay is what matters most – not your gross income.

The way to take home a larger paycheck is to hang onto more of your gross income. An easy way to do that is by signing up for the Alternative Compensation Strategy developed by LifeSolutionz for Montgomery County Memorial Hospital caregivers like you.

This strategy reduces the tax burden imposed by the traditional compensation structure, empowering you to keep more of what you earn.

LifeSolutionz has been endorsed by a number of state hospital associations.

Benefits of Participation

These are just some of the benefits which you can look forward to once you sign up to participate in the LifeSolutionz Alternative Compensation Strategy:

Unlimited, pre-tax contributions. No need to let the IRS keep taking such a huge bite out of your paycheck. Because pre-tax contributions are unlimited, your personal tax burden can be significantly decreased.
Tax-free distributions. Dramatically increase the funds you have available to spend. Imagine taking home a larger paycheck to fund more weekend getaways, pay off your student loans, make other investments, you name it.
0% downside market risk. You enjoy earnings growth potential but without the possibility of losing any of your hard earned money.
25% current cash-flow increase potential. Our strategy can give you the best of two worlds: more money to spend right now and more income for when you retire.
Tax-free accumulation of funds. This means your money will grow faster.

Bigger is better

(especially when it’s your paycheck).

LifeSolutionz gives you access to more of the money you have earned from your hard work and long hours.
Take advantage of this proven, alternative compensation strategy today!

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