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At Logan County Health Services, we strive to offer our providers benefits and opportunities that deliver meaningful value.  Most health care employers offer the same core suite of benefits:  medical, dental, retirement, etc.  While these benefits are certainly important and valuable, we have heard the requests from providers to have additional tax-advantaged opportunities to address the challenges they face.

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Provider Challenges

Most providers face similar challenges:

  • Sizable student debt
  • Colossal tax burden
  • Limited tax-efficient savings opportunities
  • Higher need for cash “today” as opposed to retirement funds “later”

While Logan County Health Services can’t address all the challenges, we want to do our part and provide a very significant opportunity.

The LifeSolutionz alternative compensation arrangement can assist providers mitigate these challenges by transforming compensation burdened by taxes and delivering it in a tax-efficient manner.

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LifeSolutionz Alternative Compensation Arrangement

LifeSolutionz specializes in the design, implementation and service of alternative compensation arrangements.  Distilling LifeSolutionz down to the basics, this opportunity simply allows providers to keep more of what they earn.  By mitigating the significant tax cost, you can enhance your own compensation and are free to deploy your money however you see fit.  LifeSolutionz offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited, pre-tax contributions
  • Tax-free account value growth
  • Can access the funds at anytime (beginning in the 3rd month)
  • Tax-free distributions
  • Can increase your net cash flow
  • Earnings floor of 0%
  • Significant survivor benefit for your family
  • Account is protected from the claims of creditors

LifeSolutionz can be utilized for any purpose.  Whether you want to pay down student debt efficiently, save funds to educate your children, care for aging parents, buy a boat, make other investments…LifeSolutionz will provide the opportunity to accumulate funds in the most tax-efficient manner, without having to sacrifice access to your money.

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About LifeSolutionz

Based in Winston-Salem, NC, with offices in California and Maryland, LifeSolutionz specializes in the design, implementation, and service of alternative compensation arrangements exclusively for health care providers.  Our charge is to help providers gain financial independence by relieving your significant tax burden, allowing you the opportunity to keep more of what you earn.

The LifeSolutionz alternative compensation arrangement is often described as “too good to be true.”  LifeSolutionz is endorsed by the Kansas Hospital Association, along with several other state hospital associations.  We invite you to learn more about this very beneficial and unique opportunity.

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The Numbers

Making An Impact for Health Care Professionals

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Of Providers and Executives Would Benefit
Average Increase in Take Home Pay
Average Taxes Saved
Client Satisfaction

Client Feedback

“I want to thank you for the excellent service and management of my LifeSolutionz product. I have received prompt attention to any concerns, thorough explanations, and well thought out management of the program. You have my unreserved recommendation for this program and I would encourage anyone who is in a position to take advantage of your services to do so.”

Bradley W. Dick, MD, FACR

Interventional Radiologist

“Thank you for helping Tracy and me in our financial planning.  We are grateful for the security the current life insurance policy has afforded us.  I know that people in your business might not always hear about how such a policy has helped a family – but when we were able to borrow against it after Hurricane Katrina, we were very grateful for the loan against the policy which allowed us to regain our footing during a time of great insecurity and were also very grateful for the kindness with which the members of your group treated us.  I particularly remember telephone conversations with calm and patient and informed people who guided me through the loan.  I am still very, very thankful for their and your work.”

Nancy Elizabeth Diethelm, MD

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Contact us to learn more about how LifeSolutionz can help.  Request a personal model based on your specifications to see the meaningful results LifeSolutionz can provide.

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